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The modern cake decorator maybe your home, self-taught cake business but for all the businesses I know, a common element of the business is when a customer rudely scoffs at your pricing, and often a common process of gaining an order is a negotiation over price.

  • So that you get the best cake
  • Hundreds of $$$ is spent on specialty equipment
  • Time and money is spent on classes and training to keep up to date on the latest trends
  • No holiday or sick pay or bonuses for outstanding work or overtime

I love this poem:

Cake decorators poem

For every cake that we make
Remember people it can take
One hour to find out what you like to make sure we make no mistake
1 – 3 hours to design your cake
2 – 5 hours to weigh, mix and bake
Up to 30 hours to decorate
And more if it’s a wedding cake

So remember that the cost of a cake is more than just a few ingredients.

I love what I do and I endeavour to make each cake unique and give the same level of care and attention regardless of budget.

Not my idea but saw this on Facebook recently (thankyou Veena’s Art of Cake)

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Lisa Gliddon

Founder of 'Thats Delish', Lisa Gliddon discovered her love for cake decorating a few years ago when challanged to recreate a cake made by the 2013 runner up of The Great Australian Bake Off, Maria Vella. aired on Channel 9 in 2013. With having no cake decorating experience in the past the challenge was accepted

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